MRSA & The Eye

admin   December 17, 2004   15 Comments on MRSA & The Eye

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15 thoughts on “MRSA & The Eye

  1. Angie

    My husband just was in Duke Medical ctr with MRSA aggressively attacking his left eye. He went thru horrible tap n inject procedures and then emergency eye surgery. Now we wait to see if he regains vision. So your not alone… This is round 2 for us with MRSA

  2. lucy c.

    my name is lucy & for the past 2 days ive been experiencing irritation & redness in my eye followed by eye bugers all day could these be symptoms of the m.r.s.a??? get bak at me as soon as possible please!!!

  3. natalie

    If you have redness in the eye and, foggy vision, along with rainbow hallows around lights, does it stand for anything beside acute glaucoma and regular glaucoma? As well I want to ask is there any other conditions that can cause these symptoms, I am young.

  4. lisa

    my neice has today been diagonsed with mrsa in her eye, she is 3 weeks old and was born 6 weeks early due to her my sister inlaw having pre-elapsia! have neva heard of mrsa in the eye especially when the baby was in the special care unit!!!

  5. nathan

    Lisa, Please neva get on a medical forumn and use ebonics (ie the word neva). As far as MRSA, it is the killer bug of the century and it is all because we overused antibiotics. MRSA boils on the skin can be treated with Tea Tree Oil (I am not a doctor). I had MRSA really bad at one time and got so sick on antibiotics that I did my own research. Also see if acticoat silver dressings can be applied to the eyes. Silver kills MRSA by just being around it.

  6. Tonia

    I was recently splashed in the eye with urine from a person dx to have MRSA in their urine. The nurse on duty at my place of employement flushed my eye with 70 cc of sterile saline within 15 min of the inncident. Is there anthing I should do besides that now that it has been a few days?

  7. B. J.

    I had CA-MRSA attack my eye (right)which cause me to lose the vision in that eye. I have had three eye surgeries in 6 months and still have a very damaged eye. I would be interested in hearing what type of surgeries and who did the surgery of anyone that might have had MRSA in their eye.

  8. Mika

    My Mother has been diagnosed with MRSA in her eyes. She is older and suffering from Alzheimer’s. I think she got it at the nursing home and she has only been there a little over a month. I have read about the high mortality rate for this disease especially in the elderly. Is an eye infection as dangerous as a staff infection on the skin or other area?

  9. mja law

    My granson is 6 weeks old & has been diagnosed with MRSA in the eye ,how dangerous is this & can we pass the infection onto my our other grandchidren outside the infected home,& what can we do to prevent spreading the infection

  10. m law

    my daughter in law & grandson of 4 weeks both have MRSA.what can I do to avoid transfering it to others?how long does MRSA last on body

  11. flo Hibbins

    I had a triple heart bypass surgery 2 years ago, caught MRSA and it destroyed my Sternum which was also removed. 6 months later a started having spider webs (bleeding) in my eyes and 2 years later they still cannot stop them – I have even had a lens transplant but the bleeding it still there – Do you think the MRSA has tajeb up residence there? And what can I do to stop the bleeding

  12. Liz Dixon-Quad Mom

    I’ve had a history of MRSA. 2 1/2 years ago after the birth of my quadruplets I became deathly ill with infection after my colon burst. One of the many infections I suffered through was MRSA. At the time I did not understand what it meant or why I could not see my babies. Since then when I am in the hospital I am always put under contact issolation. Although, the MRSA was not active anymore. I’ve been told it takes at least three-six solid months of being away from the hospital setting to get rid of it. Unfortunatly, I have had my share of surgeries and illness since. I did not think I’d have active MRSA again, but sure enough, after a simple laproscopic procedure I had a few weeks ago, I ended up back in the hospital with a bad infection. Guess what? It was MRSA. Go figure! I even ended up having it in my eye. So anythings possible, I guess.

  13. Deb

    I work at a nursing facility and there is a resident that has it in his eyes and he pushes himself around in the halls in a wheelchair. Should I be concerned about catching it and should the facility be isolating him?

  14. Lindsay

    How do I know if my 6 mo. old has mrsa in her eye? It is red(not the actual eye…just the skin around it) and she is always itching it. Today I noticed little tiny bumps around the skin of her eye.

  15. John

    I am now 38 years old. One year ago my body was found on the highway. I was sober. 4 resuscatations later, coma, 47 broken bones: hip, pelvis, neck x2, 14 broken facial bones…, triple brain hemorrhages, triple skull crush injuries, re-attachment of my left arm with steel plates, right chest cracked and lung surgically entered for suction and multiple massive strokes, here I am, I live, I walk without aide, my personality and lifetime of memories intact; I fight, I live. The hospital gave me Staff/Mercer in my right eye while I was on life support in my coma. I am now totally, permanately blind in my right eye, now blue, forever. I am told my cornea is just thick scar tissue now. Can my vision be restored?


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